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Harry Weisburd 1/ 2 hour video tape interview, featured on cable TV, Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. Landscape and Figurative Art .
[Art Announcement] - [Saturday 19th, August 2017]

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition: The Best of 2017
Agora Gallery is pleased to present the 2017 selected artists of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition . Now in its 32nd year, the competition has a rich history of recognizing exciting new talent from all over the world. This year's participants display a growing social awareness, an eager curiosity of spatial and tonal questions, and out...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 8th, August 2017]

Lifetime Achievement Award to Harry Weisburd
Lifetime Achievement Award to Harry Weisburd Requirements: 20 years or more of successful professional activity in a specialty -Fine Art .
[Harry Weisburd] - [Sunday 6th, August 2017]

The Chelsea International Photography Competition
The Chelsea International Photography Competition - Opens July 18, 2017 Photographers at both the amateur and professional level are invited to enter the Chelsea International Photography Competition. With a fierce dedication to promoting the arts and discovering and exposing new talent, the CIPC will honor selected artists with an exhibition at Ag...
[Carolina Carrillo] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 1st, August 2017]

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[Harry Weisburd] - [Art News] - [Friday 28th, July 2017]

Ecstasy Journal Feature Article, Harry Weisburd Yin/Yang Landscapes
Ecstasy , The Journal of Divine Eroticism , Feature Article , Harry Weisburd, Yin / Yang Landscpaes , "Living Gaia" by Lisa Chong
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 28th, July 2017]

Pyramid Underground Louvre Museum See Me Group Exhibition
Pyramid Underground Louvre Museum, "See Me" group exhibition . Member Harry Weisburd exhibited with group.
[Harry Weisburd ] - [Friday 28th, July 2017]

Harry Weisburd Featured Artist Musetouch Magazine Issue 3
Harry Weisburd , Featured Artist , Musetouch Magazine Issue 2
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art News] - [Thursday 27th, July 2017]

Harry Weisburd Featured Artist Musetouch Magazine, Issue # 3
Harry Weisburd Featured Artist, Musetouch Magazine, Issue #3
[Harry Weisburd] - [Thursday 27th, July 2017]

Planet Earth Planet Art book
PLANET EARTH PLANET ART Art of Harry Weisburd is included in this book
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 22nd, July 2017]

Harry Weisburd listed on Wikipedia
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[Harry Weisburd] - [Art News] - [Thursday 20th, July 2017]

Enigmatic Visions: Beauty in the Details
Agora Gallery presents Enigmatic Visions , a new collective exhibition that is singular in its attention to the subtlety that can be found in contemporary art. While many equate progress with simply making the next piece bigger and louder, that is not the beginning and end of the state of today's art landscape. Though the eleven artists on display ...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Friday 14th, July 2017]

Weisburd Watercolors Featured on PINTEREST
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 11th, July 2017]

Sensorial Realities: Voyages Onward
In Sensorial Realities , Agora Gallery's new group exhibition, every canvas on the wall is a portal to a different world. The ten artists featured here offer some of the most seductive alternative universes a viewer can hope for, whether it's a reinterpretation of Gilded Age portraiture or a compression of twenty-first century concerns into a surre...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 20th, June 2017]

Unbound Perspectives and The Elixir of Color: Contemporary Conversations
This June Agora Gallery presents a pair of exhibitions that generate a unique and essential dialogue between them. Unbound Perspectives , a group exhibit featuring thirteen artists from all over the world, presents a holistic look at the current state of contemporary art. From ink to photography to wood inlay, Unbound Perspectives examines the way ...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Monday 29th, May 2017]

Portal to Dreams, Elemental Realms, and Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
Agora Gallery ventures deep into the imagination this May with three group exhibitions of extraordinary range. Portal to Dreams collects six daring artists, several of whom are painters playing with the limits of colors and shape in abstraction. There is also a digital artist who creates uniquely slow-paced animations and another who riddles tradit...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 3rd, May 2017]

Expanding Expectations: Portal to Enigma, Persistence of Form, and The Fire Within
This spring Agora Gallery presents a trio of exhibitions that elevate tradition. The group exhibition Portal to Enigma takes on abstraction, with participating artists depicting people, nature, and everyday life through various aesthetic lenses. Some play with color, some play with pattern, some even attempt to turn the invisible visible and play w...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Monday 10th, April 2017]

Exhibition Bilbao Spain
Exhibition Bilbao Spain From 20 March to 12 April 2016 Space Etxaldea Mirador "Digital Art" For further information:
[Jean-Christophe Gisbert] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 20th, March 2017]

Spatial Fluidity and Contemporary Perspectives
This April Agora Gallery embraces the unexpected with a trio of forward-thinking exhibitions. Spatial Fluidity features nine artists who blur the line between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, be it through introducing new media or using traditional materials in unique ways. There are pieces that experiment with mixed textures, some that u...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 15th, March 2017]

The Saturated Palette and Portals of Perception
This March two group exhibitions of outstanding range come to Agora Gallery. Portals of Perception features a small, select group of painters who create works of fascinating detail. There are cityscapes made of buildings with real personalities, abstract texture-based pieces that turn acrylic paint into physical patterns, beautiful watercolor visio...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Friday 10th, February 2017]

Harry Weisburd , Lifetime Achievement Award
Harry Weisburd, awarded Lifetime Achievement award, 2017, by Who's Who In America . Listed 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. REQUIREMENT: 20 years or more, successful professional activities, in a specialty(Art).
[Harry Weisburd] - [Wednesday 1st, February 2017]

Mélange of Milieu: Defying Category
This February Agora Gallery presents Mélange of Milieu, a group exhibition highlighting the newest ways to bend genre practiced by artists working today. The eight featured artists hail from the Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, and the United States - among others - yet have much to say to each other. The hazy, Impressionistic landscape painti...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 1st, February 2017]

February 2017 Exhibitions: Plurality of Expression and Emerging Visions
Agora Gallery presents Plurality of Expression and Emerging Visions , two collective exhibitions that celebrate the different ways today's artists approach aesthetic. Plurality of Expression includes abstraction, surrealism, still life, and portraiture, each with a twist that pushes them beyond the usual boundaries of genre. A photographer creates ...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 28th, December 2016]

Alumni Weekend, CCA, Oakland, California USA
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 24th, December 2016]

January 2017 exhibitions: Enigmatic Realms and Kaleidoscope of the Mind
Agora Gallery welcomes the new year with two exhibitions that dive into the most inventive corners of contemporary art. Enigmatic Realms is a collective featuring eight artists who together truly touch every part of modern society. There are inquiries into technology alongside placid images from the seashore. There are highly allegorical narratives...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 30th, November 2016]

December 2016 exhibitions: Sensorial Perspectives and Landscapes of the Mind
This December Agora Gallery presents two exhibitions that aim to plunge the viewer into new environments. Sensorial Perspectives is a collective exhibition that spans painting, photography, and mixed-media, all in the service of exploring art as something more than simply a visual medium. This experimentation can be seen in portraits in which reali...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 2nd, November 2016]

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[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 27th, October 2016]

Alumni Weekend Calif College of Arts,Oakland CA
Harry Weisburd, has been appointed Chair person for the class of 1966, Alumni Association, Alumni Weekend, CCA, California College of the Arts November 12-13, 2016.
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Sunday 23rd, October 2016]

November Exhibitions: Divergent Realities and Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
This November, Agora Gallery will cover remarkable ground within contemporary art through Divergent Realities and Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography . The exhibition Divergent Realities is a collection of six artists with uniquely well-defined visual languages. Comprising a detailed watercolor artist, a realist pencil draftsman, a ...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 4th, October 2016]

CCA Calif College of the Art Alumni Weekend
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 1st, October 2016]

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[Portia Simms] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 30th, September 2016]

Harry Weisburd Appointed Chairperson, Alumni Weekend Nov 12 & 13,2016
Harry Weisburd has been appointed Chairperson , Alumni Association . CCA ALUMNI WEEKEND, NOV 12 & 13, 2016.
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art site] - [Friday 23rd, September 2016]

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[Agora Gallery] - [Art News] - [Thursday 15th, September 2016]

Contemporary Art Gallery Online Announces an International Call for Artists to Participate in the “A...
Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 4th Annual International “Abstract” Online Art Competition for the month of September 2016. Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at Contemporary...
[Portia Simms] - [Art Announcement] - [Wednesday 31st, August 2016]

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[Salvatore Marsiglione] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 30th, August 2016]

An Autumn of Adventure and Creativity at Agora Gallery
This September Agora Gallery will present three exhibitions that illustrate art’s ability to tell an ever-expanding range of stories in an almost limitless number of ways. In Interpretive Realms , nature in all its diversity is vividly captured and powerfully transformed through the views of five artists who, though they work in media ranging from ...
[Olga Ku] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 25th, August 2016]

Unbound Perspectives - Exploring Mediums and the World at Agora Gallery
Agora Gallery presents Unbound Perspectives , a group exhibition highlighting work that presents reality with heightened aesthetic possibilities. Bringing together no fewer than eighteen artists, the exhibition is an eclectic mixture of photography, painting, and sculpture. Some pieces present subtler, updated forms of surrealism: familiar objects ...
[Olga Ku] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 11th, August 2016]

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition
This August, Agora Gallery is delighted to present the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition , a collection of work selected by a jury of industry experts in the 31 st annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. The outstanding participants hail from all over the world and represent an incredible range of style and medium. Sc...
[Olga Ku] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 22nd, July 2016]

Color, Culture, and Art in NYC at Agora Gallery
Agora Gallery brings three bold group exhibitions with a global perspective to New York this July. Figuratively Speaking is a wide-ranging collection of works that focus on form - not necessarily the human shape, although that is a favored and fruitful subject, but the compositional possibilities of angles and curves. Dynamic Visions brings togethe...
[Olga Ku] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 4th, July 2016]

Alain Larivière’s paintings
Alain Larivière born in 1959 in Wallonia in southern Belgium. At the age of 11 years Alain Larivière alias ALARI discovered the drawing during a long convalescence. His studies and his professional life in the financial field will not predestined at all to art, but to each event of his life, he took refuge in the drawing... which he did in 2001 whe...
[ArtsCad manager] - [Art News] - [Friday 17th, June 2016]