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Monique Eliane Lelièvre’s masterpieces
“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun”- by Pablo Picasso. A great g ift is an ability to see view on canvas. I was inspired by the Monique Eliane Lelièvre’s masterpieces. She masterly combines colors and turns a in ordinary things their incredibility and a rare artistic talent is to express...
[ArtsCad Manager] - [Art News] - [Sunday 15th, December 2013]

Site de l'artiste peintre Anna Dos Santos
Parcours, Démarche artistique, Galerie, Presse et Actualité des expositions de Anna DOS SANTOS, artiste peintre abstrait. Collages et peintures qui rappellent les terres arides où couleurs Terre et Espaces de voyage tentent de se rejoindre pour révéler des atmosphères diffuses et des ambiances colorées.
[Anna Dos Santos] - [Artist site] - [Friday 15th, November 2013]

Screaming Fava
Original art and design based in Phoenix, Arizona. Hope you enjoy!
[Stacey Skwiot] - [Art site] - [Tuesday 27th, August 2013]

Reaching a wide audience with …Global Vernissage…
Even the most successful artists have limits when it comes to reaching a wide audience through gallery shows. Galleries exist as little worlds of their own which attract a certain type of people, typically those who are educated in the arts or of a higher social class. While gallery exhibitions are important for building up a reputation and making ...
[wolfgang] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 27th, August 2013]

Jemima Kirke
Jemima Kirke is spirited painter with unmatched imagination that stretches her above other contemporaries. Her proverbial painting combines both beauty and rationality making her an outstanding contributor to world of canvas.
[Swati] - [Artist site] - [Monday 12th, August 2013]

Oil Painting Reproduction
Hand-painted oil painting reproduction on canvas of famous artists (old masters & contemporary) Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Dali, Gauguin, Renoir, Kandinsky, Modigliani, Degas, Cezanne, Matisse, Botero, Vermeer, & Da Vinci to name just a few. Custom portait paintings and masterpiece fine art reproductions on canvas at reasonable price. Direct ...
[Sebastien BOURGES] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 19th, July 2013]

Watercolor Painting-Oil Painting-Computer Art-Abstract art.
Watercolor Painting-Oil Painting-Computer Art-Abstract art.
[kenneth gustafsson] - [Site links] - [Saturday 13th, July 2013]

Anna Efka
1986 Found a new world Found new dreams and force for my life Her work are in collections Orginator worldwide Michael Schumacher/ Germany Maria Catalano / Italien Chiara Saletti / Italien Dean House / Großbritanien John Flecken / Belgien Fa. Umberto Boschi / Italien Raumkonzepte Beil Mannheim/ Germany Deutsche Bank/ Germany Credit Acricole/ Swiss Spark...
[Anna Efka] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 8th, June 2013]

realistic representational paintings of seascapes and landscapes
Luczay's seascape and landscape art of American scenes created in oil and acrylic paint. Prints of various sizes are available, as well as the original art work
[Katalin Luczay] - [Art site] - [Friday 24th, May 2013]

Watercolor Painting-Oil Painting-Computer Art-Abstract art.
PALM ART AWARD 2007.OUTSTANDING ORGINALITY OF ART 2007.ART DOMAIN LEIPZIG GERMANY. KENNETH GUSTAFSSON WINS PRICE IN LEIPZIG GERMANY PRICE INCLUDES THE MEDAL AND AWARD NOTIFICATION. Now you can find Artist Kenneth Gustafsson Sweden in the Art book Who's Who in Visual Art . Publication date for the issue 2006-2008 is expected around June 2006. The bo...
[Kenneth Gustafsson] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 9th, May 2013]

Lowry Prints
Signed and unsigned limited edition prints of paintings and drawings by renowned 20th Century British artist L.S. Lowry. All prints are available to view in our gallery located in East Anglia, England, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We have dealt in works by L. S. Lowry since 1985, and all our Lowry prints are carefully selected for qual...
[H Negus] - [Art site] - [Sunday 5th, May 2013]

Figurative Paintings of Women
Figurative paintings of women by Olga Gouskova - contemporary representation of femininity and sensuality. Her paintings are about feelings and states of mood, about dreams and expectations expressed through the female portrait. In every painting Olga Gouskova tries to capture part of the mystery of the female personality by combining the beauty of...
[Olga Gouskova] - [Artist site] - [Tuesday 22nd, January 2013]

Claudia Costea
This blog is about art, events and other stuff from contemporary environment
[Claudia Costea] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 10th, January 2013]

Ghana Art Gallery
Welcome to Ghana Art Gallery! You've just accessed a beautiful experience!
[Robert Quayle] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 28th, December 2012]

Naive Art Gallery
Our gallery offers you the opportunity to learn about the painters naive art from Serbia. Some of the most famous painters of naive art in Serbia and abroad come from the small towns of Kovacica and Padina. We offer you the opportunity to purchase naive art paintings at affordable prices and with guaranteed fast delivery. We would like to make oil ...
[Naive Art Gallery] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 15th, December 2012]

Maite Rodriguez Online art gallery
Gallery of art selling amazing art and beautiful paintings
[Maite Rodriguez] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 4th, December 2012]

Simon Birch Artwork
An online portfolio for UK based multi-media artist Simon Birch. Illustration, photography, life drawing, design and music. View book and CD covers, posters, drawings and photographs. The site includes links to an online store for items based on Simon Birch design work, and access to a photography site that contains high-quality images of woodland,...
[Simon Birch] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 1st, December 2012]

Multiple Media Artworks by Terry Reynoldson
Functional Stone provides images of Terry Reynoldson's life cast figures, sculptures, paintings, performance art and site specific installations.
[Terry Reynoldson] - [Artist site] - [Wednesday 7th, November 2012]

Online Art Gallery
Plastike Art Gallery: A Contemporary Art Gallery to buy original art for your office and home direct from the artist's studio. Art Gallery for Contemporary Art Gallery and famous Contemporary Art.
[Redondo] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 1st, November 2012]

Oisys Atelier
Site galerie, dédié à des travaux personnels sur la peinture à l'huile et le dessin, étude consacré également à des productions en design et création graphique.
[TERRENTROY] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 31st, October 2012]

sold painting--"On the streets of Tel Aviv"
SOLD in BERLIN solo exhibition , June 2012
[shuli haimsohn weiner] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 26th, October 2012]

Dwaalhaas Founder of "Waalinisme"
Dwaalhaas Art Works is more than just paintings, This Dutch painter works in his own style, that is totaly different from all other known Art styles so far, this website is not a normal Art website but its just like his Art, muych more than that, is His Art Blogger, wuth daily something new, new Artworks, new video's.. watch and ïf you...
[Dwaalhaas waal] - [Art site] - [Thursday 27th, September 2012]

New Day Project
Debra Grayson is an Artist for Hire. She demonstrates her abilities in this gallery of her works which includes Drawings, Paintings, Portraits, Granite Etchings, Website Graphics, Cool Jewelry and more. With more than 35 years experience in commissioning art projects, she is confident in offering her services to the general public. For the last 10 ...
[Debra Grayson] - [Artist site] - [Monday 17th, September 2012]

Commission a Custom Pet Portrait from Wild at Art
Capture your beloved pet's unique personality in stunning lifelike detail in oil or pencil by pet portrait artist Catherine Garneau. Affordable rates with low deposit to start. Gift Certificates available to help someone honor the memory of their lost pet. Browse gallery, read testimonials and commission a pet portrait you will be proud to own.
[Catherine Garneau] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 13th, September 2012]

Digital Art to be printed
Digital art to be rpinted on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/ or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
[Immo Jalass] - [Artist site] - [Friday 24th, August 2012]

art oil paintings, oil painting reproduction
Link exchange with art related websites and elegant art from Toperfect includes music, wooden artworks, oil painting, frames, stretchers, watercolor, drawings, and more.
[jacky] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 2nd, August 2012]

Digital Art
Digital Art to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/ or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. An other way: Just buy the jpg file together with all copyrights and start printing for your own plans.
[Immo Jalass] - [Artist site] - [Sunday 1st, July 2012]

Mel Fuger artiste peintre Pop
Nouvelle artiste peintre d'origine parisienne installée sur la Côte d'Azur depuis quelques années,spécialisée dans l'art abstrait,je me suis tout d'abord intéressée à la peinture acrylique sur toile puis à l'art numérique pour finalement me retourner vers la peinture et créer mon propre style "le Pop Spot" ... Dés mon plus jeune âge je me suis très...
[Mel Fuger] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 21st, June 2012]

The Sketchbook Artist - Learn! Draw! Share!
The Sketchbook Artist is a website full of content for artists are people who want to learn how to draw. From basic drawing principles to learning how to draw portraits or figures, the sketchbook artist provides articles and tutorials (including video tutorials). There is also a weekly portrait done with a speed drawing video to go along with it. B...
[Jesse Seal] - [Art site] - [Sunday 22nd, April 2012]

Portrait Artist Joseph
Portrait Artist Joseph - Digital Oil Painting - Pet Family Executive Portraiture Send me your favorite photo - I will transform it into a Digital Oil Portrait Painting on Artist Canvas and ship to anywhere.
[Joseph Dea] - [Artist site] - [Friday 13th, April 2012]

Yakov Dedyk's Portrait painting and drawing engl.htm
Yakov Dedyk's Portrait painting and drawing. Painting oil and drawing realistic portraits. Technique dry brush.
[Yakov Dedyk] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 12th, April 2012]

Claudia's Artwork - Realistic Drawings indexEN.html
Realistic Pencil Drawings, Portrait Drawings and Fine Artwith graphite pencil, colored pencil and pastel. Site contains online galleries, tutorials, a blog and more. You can also commission an artwork!
[Claudia] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 22nd, March 2012]

Commissioned Artwork
Want your own custom artwork? I can draw your favourite characters people you know or something from your imagination! Not sure if its for you? I can do you a line art sketch in pen for free as a taster to see! Your entitled to as many free pieces as you like
[matt wisbey] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 21st, March 2012]

Paolo Mejia Arts
Paolo is an experimenting artist who loves to experiment with painting and drawing, create installations, and make three-dimensional works. He explores the realms of 2D and 3D art because it gives him a different feel and perspective in seeing things visually and conceptually. Two-dimensional works allow Paolo to see different perspective of things...
[Paolo] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 11th, February 2012]
« The certainty to buy the best quality at the best price. » A masterpiece reproduced into a custom oil painting by true artists. Reproductions of your paintings entirely hand painted on 100% cotton canvas. A completion deadline of 2 to 4 weeks for a satisfaction guarantee. The delivery of your canvas direct to your home, rolled in a tube ( Free sh...
[Bourges Sébastien] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 6th, February 2012]

Arte x Arte
Non Profit Organization - Free works exibhition .
[ornella allocca] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 2nd, February 2012]

Sculptures en marbre noir belge, marbre blanc, noir de Denée, ptit granit, bronze, bois ...
[Marian SAVA] - [Art site] - [Thursday 26th, January 2012]

Chroniquart, le site des arts.
Chroniquart est un site qui est mis à la disposition des artistes, afin qu' ils puissent se faire connaître aux internautes. Ils peuvent présenter leurs oeuvres sur ce site , en plus d' un profil d' artiste. Des biographies d' artistes de partout et des pages traitant de l' Histoire de l' art, sont réalisées pour les visiteurs. Des liens références...
[Martine Bouchard] - [Art site] - [Monday 23rd, January 2012]

Manuel sanchez Art Gallery
Original Oil Paintings & Prints On Sale. Art books, magazines, instruction,videos.
[Manuel Sanchez] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 19th, January 2012]

Abstract Art: Canvas Prints
Abstract Art On Canvas offers beautiful oversized abstract art on gallery wrapped canvas. Free shipping and affordable prices!
[Jill] - [Art site] - [Sunday 25th, December 2011]

Why Exchanging links

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