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Art Gallery in Dingle and Paris with works by Liam O'Neill, Patsy Farr, Mic...
We have art galleries in both Ireland and Paris, France showing Irish Art by leading Irish artists such as Liam O'Neill, Michael Flaherty, Tomas O'Ciobhain and Patsy Farr. The Dingle gallery is in the town of Dingle, on the Dingle Peninsula in West K...
[Greenlane Gallery] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 9th, April 2007]

VERTICAL - Contemporary Vegetal Sculpture
Alban LANORE creates contemporary sculptures from vegetal elements (dead wood, lianas, roots). The creative work of Vertical is presented in a permanent workshop and sculptures gallery located in Touraine (near Chinon, Bourgueil..).Alban LANORE creat...
[Alban Lanore] - [Artist site] - [Monday 9th, April 2007]

Ian Sheldon's Gallery of Fine Art & Illustration
Visit Ian Sheldon's Gallery of fine art for landscapes and skyscapes in oil, architectural watercolours, limited edition giclee prints (incl. Cambridge University Colleges), illustrations and books by the artist.
[Ian Sheldon] - [Artist site] - [Monday 9th, April 2007]

Sebastien Brunel's portfolio : nude drawing, painting, sketches : Sebastien Brunel, french artist based in Lyon. Figure drawings, oil paintings, sketches, illustation and computer graphics. Paintings Figure drawing Travel sketches Computer graphics
[Sébastien Brunel] - [Artist site] - [Sunday 8th, April 2007]

Barcala - Animal Artworks
Humorous and realistic illustrations of animals. Original and custom artworks.
[Barcala] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 7th, April 2007]

Ann Hamilton, Graphic Design and Illustration annart.htm
Ann Hamilton is a talented Canadian Artist based out of Acton, Ontario. Working in watercolour she produces both original and limited edition paintings as well as graphic designs for the business community. Limited Edition Prints Ann has created limi...
[Ann Hamilton] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 7th, April 2007]

Exceptionnal Collection of Perestroika art works at 49 Furmanny Lane Worksh...
The 49 Furmanny Lane, Moscow, Russia, 179 Paintings Collection is very pointed, historical, scientifically assembled, to illustrate the avant-garde, underground art produced during the Perestroïka/ Glasnost Gorbatchev end period of Communism and Sovie...
[de Andrade] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 7th, April 2007]

Denis Blondel artiste peintre en technique mixte
Denis Blondel french painter : a personnal painting in mixt technik ( mediums and collages : papers, sand, spices, pigments, newspapers..) A energic work about several thems as still life, nudes, old shoes..
[Blondel] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 7th, April 2007]

Dorota - Toronto Artist
Dorota is a freelance makeup and visual artist from Toronto, Canada. Dorota has over 8 years of experience in all aspects of the makeup industry including fashion, runway, beauty, TV, editorial, bridal, airbrushing, body painting, makeup education, F...
[Dorota] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 7th, April 2007]

SUZLEE: THE paintings that are on show are acrylics, finished with oil bar. He first acquainted himself with the oil bar in England and gladly found his style and the oil bar complementary. His publicist says that most of Suzlee paintings have a stro...
[SUZLEE] - [Artist site] - [Saturday 7th, April 2007]

Gourd sculpture art
"" is my personal Gourd art site.I display my artworks in the "gallery" page. you can find different web site "link's" on the "link" can also find information on "" when you write "gourd sculpture artists" or "abstr...
[babur benderlioglu] - [Artist site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

Alan King - Digital Surrealism
Contemporary Digital Artworks by Alan King. Alan King is an experienced multi-media artist born in London in 1952. He moved away from London in 1977 and after nearly 30 years living and exhibiting in Milton Keynes moved to Bloxworth during the summer...
[Alan King] - [Art site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

PATTI Art - Blog, Forum, Gallery .root/ media/ 22475/ Flash/ 123-b...
A r t i s t h e d i r e c t c o n t a c t b e t w e e n m a t t e r a n d s p i r i t , a c t o n i m p u l s e , t o f l o w . . . . i t s i n m y s o u l , l i k e m u s i c . . . PATTI Armanini, an italian artist, was born and raised in Merano - I...
[Patti Armanini] - [Art site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

MKsite is the online portfolio of the Italian crossmedia designer Massimo Kunstler. An operating dimension of exploratory creativity, a broadening sphere of talent and wide range in clients makes Massimo an eclectic professional man in the complex ar...
[Massimo Kunstler] - [Artist site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

Elbow Lake Carving and Pyrography Studio
Elbowlake Carving and Pyrography Studio offers wood carvings and pyrographies (wood burnings) for sale. It also gives a full description of the works with detail on how they were done. It also offers free carving and wood burning lessons for the begi...
[Brian Graham] - [Artist site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

David Russell
Comments and images of the paintings, sculpture, graphics and books of David Russell. Categories: Early work, geometrical paintings, erotic paintings
[David Russell] - [Artist site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

Alternative Psychedelic and Fantasy Art
Take a visual adventure! Explore the galleries and find authentic works of art to inspire the imagination. Display as best quality posters, standard photo quality prints, mounted art or canvas prints. Your walls come alive with a colorful and stunnin...
[Brian Exton] - [Art site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

Juan Carlos Gayoso – Artista Plástico
Biography and curriculum, exhibitions collective, and individual, deprived collections, oil paintings and watercolors, drawings in ink Chinese, of the painter Juan Carlos Gayoso.
[Juan Carlos Gayoso] - [Art site] - [Friday 6th, April 2007]

Promoting contemporary Mexican art towards an altruistic use of globalisation in a media-backed world. Demian Flores - m Soid Pastrana - e xplsoid.htm Marien Luevano - ww.sidestepth...
[Neil Pyatt] - [Art site] - [Thursday 5th, April 2007]

Sitrah Ahra
The online gallery 'Sitrah Ahra' features the artwork of Peter Schwartz and Daniel Y. Harris. Peter has hundreds of publications to his credit and is currently working on a series of paintings for the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea NYC.
[Peter Schwartz] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 5th, April 2007]

H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu Galata Pera Eftalya Istanbul 2010
Yorgancioglu Cigdem Istanbul 2010 Istanbul as the European Capital of Culture GALATA PERA EFTALYA Theatral Performance and Solo Art Exhibition Presented by H.Cigdem YORGANCIOGLU Between March 25 – April 25, 2007, Istanbul .Cigdem Yorgancioglu PERA GA...
[H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu] - [Wednesday 28th, March 2007]

The painting of Aurelio Nicolazzo
This is the Official Web Site of the italian artistic painter Aurelio Nicolazzo.
[Aurelio Nicolazzo] - [Art site] - [Friday 16th, March 2007]

Phil Slattery Abstract Art and More
Abstract art, outdoor photography, and short fiction from south Texas. This site also includes links to other art websites and merchandise utilizing some of Phil's works along with buttons, bumper stickers, and other knick knacks.
[Phil Slattery] - [Art site] - [Monday 12th, March 2007]

Philippe Chleq Créateur Textile Paris
Philippe Chleq - Créateur Textile Paris Tapisserie Contemporaine, Tapis sur commande noués à la main et tuftés 100% pure laine. Tapisseries Murales, 'Tapis Textes', Tapis d'Enfants, Structures en Fil de Cuivre, Projets pour Réalisat...
[Philippe Chleq] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 10th, March 2007]

Encore Fine Art Oil Painted Art Reproductions
Encore Fine Art Reproduction. 100% Hand Painted Fine Art Reproduction and Museum Quality Oil Painting Reproductions. We are the experts in affordable museum quality art reproduction. Commission paintings and portraits
[Robert Basham] - [Art site] - [Friday 9th, March 2007]

MyArtsSpace your online Arts & Crafts place to Buy Refreshingly Unique Orig...
The place to Buy Refreshingly Unique and Affordable Original Artworks,Paintings, Prints, Photography, and Crafts. Browse at you leisure using our random slideshow and use the security of PayPal to purchase. Calling All Artists and Crafters -Enter our...
[Jacqui McCarthy] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 7th, March 2007] Links Exchange Page 2 on 3
An Online Fine Art Gallery U Can Buy Art --Buy original art from leading artists via our secure server. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, prints, Inuit art,garden art, artist bears, etc. to compliment your home or office decor. Other features include ...
[Rhonda] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 1st, March 2007] Links Exchange Page 3 on 3
Realistic Oil Paintings Gallery of Mihailov Igor --The artist, he tries to be loyal to the nature and,at the same time he tries to see in the every day life something unusual, beautiful and brightful.. Picture to Painting --Turn your photos into beau...
[Rhonda] - [Art site] - [Tuesday 27th, February 2007] Links Exchange Page 1 on 3
Your Art Link -Thousands of Art Resources The Art List - Monthly e-Newsletter and searchable database listing upcoming Art Contests, Art Competitions, and Opportunites for visual artists and photographers. Aartlex --Art Dectionary Eye of the Art -- D...
[Rhonda] - [Art site] - [Tuesday 27th, February 2007]

Arte Sexualidade Corporalidade
Portal de arte, sexualidade e corporalidade, incluindo artigos, poemas, contos, galerias, imagens, telas de Géssica Hellmann, letras de músicas sensuais.
[Alexei Gonçalves] - [Artist site] - [Monday 19th, February 2007]

Artist, Bj. deCastro - Realism Paintings of Travel and Animals.
Realism Artist, Bj. deCastro - Paintings of Travels and Animals
[Bj. deCastro] - [Artist site] - [Friday 16th, February 2007]

maestro nell'arte della pittura
pittura e presepe con maNIFestazione nel mondo scopo beneficenza e non si possono inserire scambi banner lin banderine si puo accedere al forum e tante altre novita' da vedere foto e dipinti olio su tela e tante altre belle novita'
[giuseppe] - [Art site] - [Thursday 15th, February 2007]

Brielle Designs Switchplates
Fabulous, artistic, one-of-a-kind switchplates featuring hand-painted paper. You've never seen switchplates like these before!
[Susan Busteed] - [Art site] - [Wednesday 14th, February 2007]

Artfinders Online Gallery
Title Artfinders URL Description Artfinders are a long established online art gallery specialising in the sale and sourcing of contemporary fine art world wide. arti st_fabian_perez.php ww....
[Shirley Keen] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 12th, February 2007]

Picture Man
LOGO: mybann er.jpg TEXT: Original art gallery featuring digital interpretations of photographic and graphical images.
[Gabor Lang] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 10th, February 2007]

Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography
My 27-page site features lush ABSTRACT PAINTINGS and DIGITAL ART, and REALISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY, including nature landscapes and close-ups (minerals, rocks and crystals, flowers, sky and waterscapes, etc.) and shots of intriguing Bussana Vecchia internat...
[Lynda Lehmann] - [Art site] - [Wednesday 31st, January 2007]

"Art-Vector" is a national Gallery of Russian Artists.
The Gallery of Russian Artists Art-Vector offers you paintings of contemporary Russian artists. On our site you can buy pictures of different styles from realism to abstract art, created in different techniques from traditional oil to modern computer...
[Yury] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 30th, January 2007]

je vous présente des tableaux dont un pastel sur soie mais également des objets déco réalisés avec de la soie de différentes qualités. Elle est utilisée tout comme une toile. Il y a également qq dessins et pastels ainsi que des encadrements que j'ai ...
[monica] - [Art site] - [Sunday 28th, January 2007]

Strill sculptor, workshop art gallery of sculpture in southern Brittany
Joel STRILL - sculptor - Workshop art gallery of sculpture with Vannes in southern Brittany you invites to push the doors of its workshop art gallery of sculpture, to present traces of his course to you: woodcarving, bronzes, stone, plaster, resin, a...
[STRILL JOEL] - [Art site] - [Saturday 27th, January 2007]

Oil Paintings by J. Davis images/ florals/ index.html
WAPD Georgia Chapter will be happy to help you sell your products through our website. You can add as many items and pictures as you want to help sell your products (one picture per item). Please visit our main website at and cli...
[Sara Davis] - [Artist site] - [Monday 22nd, January 2007]

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