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EarthFriend Arts - Eclectic dreamings from Tom and Deb Baillieul
A HREF=' tom.html' img src='earthfriendarts.tri homecoming.html' / a Welcome to the eclectic world of a scientist, artist, romantic, historian, and traveler - the Earth Friend .  Tom's work encompasses ...
[Tom Baillieul] - [English] - [Thursday 13th, April 2006]

Robbins Amazing Art
My site is a collection of original fine sculpture and chainsaw carving among other forms of srtwork.
[Robbin Wenzoski] - [English] - [Wednesday 12th, April 2006]

wholesale oil painting from China
J and M artwork offers beautiful oil paintings artwork and frames. Reasonable price and museum quality. 100% hand made by talented artist. Our team consists of hundreds of experienced and well-trained painters with professional background, so we can ...
[Andy] - [English] - [Tuesday 11th, April 2006]

Collages d'aujourd'hui et d'hier, Aliette Couette collages-aliette
Un site de collages, voyage à travers les couleurs, formes et matières.
[Couette Aliette] - [French] - [Monday 10th, April 2006]

Un des plus grands site d'art entièrement dédié au graphisme virtuel.Créations et ventes images, posters,cartes et timbres postes (Art with ZAZZLE). One of the largest art site entirely dedicated to virtual graphics Creations of images, illustrations...
[louis] - [English] - [Monday 10th, April 2006]

Always Fine Art of Artist Diane Jorstad
Fine Art of award winning artist Diane Jorstad consists of still life, landscape, portraits of adults, children and pets, homes and churches and commission oil paintings and colored pencil art. Art is for sale or artist will do commission art/ artwork...
[Diane Jorstad] - [English] - [Sunday 9th, April 2006]

Daniel Laviec Galerie online
Daniel Laviec  Galerie de peintures acryliques. Depuis toujours, la création a été pour Daniel Laviec un mode de vie, une passion. Celle d'organiser, de construire formes et couleurs, de se laisser entrainer par elles. Le métier de Designer s'est alo...
[laviec] - [French] - [Sunday 9th, April 2006]

Hipólito Restó & Arte
Servicios Gastronómicos y Exposiciones de Arte de artistas plásticos argentinos. A metros del Obelisco de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, un espacio que acerca el Arte a la vida cotidiana. Gastronomic Services and exhibitions of Argentinian Painters. Mete...
[Jorge Omar Vera] - [Spanish] - [Sunday 9th, April 2006]

Kanika African Sculptures Black Art
Description: Black art, African masks, African figurines, black goddesses, angels, pottery, breast cancer survivor jewelry, and pendants which are hand-sculpted from clay and adorned with African fabric, leather, stones and beads.
[Kanika] - [English] - [Sunday 9th, April 2006]

Artist Brian Simons Gallery Online
Visit the Website of Canadian Artist Brian Simons and enjoy his bold, colourful paintings! Paintings, Acrylic Painting Course ebook, Art Cards and more!
[Brian Simons] - [English] - [Sunday 9th, April 2006]

Art Search engine
Web fine Art gallery is a free service for artists who want to exhibit their art online. Free unlimited upload of artworks picures and free art search engine.
[Martina] - [English] - [Saturday 8th, April 2006]

Karel Kopic - airbrush illustrator
Karel Kopic - commercial and fine art airbrush illustrator member of European Airbrush Assotiation 1st place in the category Illustration in the international competition INTERNATIONAL AIRBRUSH AWARD
[Karel Kopic] - [English] - [Saturday 8th, April 2006]

D'Arcy Leck Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography fineart/ i...
Fine art landscape and nature photography prints from photographer D'Arcy Leck are available for acquisition at ww.finelightcommercialphotograp fineart/ . You will find a variety of subject matter from scenic landscape photography to abstract ...
[D'Arcy Leck] - [Art site] - [Friday 7th, April 2006]

MARO, Art, peintures & toiles
MARO est née à PARIS. Elle peint depuis 1983 sous la signature de J.ROBIN et prend le pseudonyme de MARO en 1994. MARO n'a jamais été portée vers le travail dirigé en atelier. De formation autodidacte, sa technique est basée sur un procédé totalement...
[MARO*] - [French] - [Friday 7th, April 2006]

Original oil paintings by artist Ron Anderson
Public Art and Fine Art for Corporate and Personal Art collections.
[Ron Anderson] - [English] - [Thursday 6th, April 2006]

Welcome to Robert Kelly Woodcarvings - Hand carved wood duck decoys, birds in flight, and other decorative decoys.
[Tom Bailey] - [English] - [Thursday 6th, April 2006]

Light Weavings
Beautiful sacred geometry and glowing color awaits your eyes at LightWeaving, a Gallery of the Art of Vandorn Hinnant. The term Sacred Geometry is suggestive of our understanding that the universe is divinely ordered. This is to say that consciousnes...
[Vandorn Hinnant] - [English] - [Wednesday 5th, April 2006]

Digital Fine Art
Beautiful, unique digital paintings. Visit our galleries -- Cats and Dogs, Wildlife and Farm Animals, Nature, and Civilization. Custom artwork from your photos also available!
[Julie Rothbard] - [English] - [Wednesday 5th, April 2006]

Captured in Wood
Wood sculpture of many styles, from realism to stylized, from relief to pyography. Wood has a warmth and beauty all it's own, sculpturing in wood gives the once very alive piece of wood a second chance to show it's glorious spirit and be admired once...
[Betty Sager] - [English] - [Tuesday 4th, April 2006]

Artful Siren - Canadian Maritime Art and Greeting Cards
A sampling of art by artist Kim Hutchinson, featuring digital paintings of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick assorted acrylic and watercolour paintings, and artful greeting cards. Also includes free art e-cards art shops artist's bio and news, along with...
[ Kim Hutchinson] - [English] - [Tuesday 4th, April 2006]

Mine d'Art - Vente de reproductions de tableaux
Mine d'Art vous propose ses reproductions de toiles de Maîtres tels Vermeer, Van Gogh, Rembrandt,.. Des copies de qualité entièrement peintes à la main sur toile de lin vierge. Moyen de payement sécurisé. Idée de cadeau ou décoration d'intérieur, fai...
[Tibor] - [French] - [Tuesday 4th, April 2006]

Sculpture in Wood, Caril Chasens carilc
Innovative wood sculpture, ideas, tutorials and links
[Caril Chasens] - [English] - [Tuesday 4th, April 2006]

MirandasBeach is the Online Art Gallery for the work of Miranda Vincent and Ben Abbo. Miranda has galleries of oil paintings, acrylic paintings, etchings, monoprints and comic strip art. Ben Abbo has video and animation works some with music by WIREL...
[Miranda Vincent] - [English] - [Tuesday 4th, April 2006]

Christian DANIEL Plastic Arts is showing my last pictures creation, featuring acrylic painting and some other items.. ..
[Christian DANIEL] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Montys Art
My entry into the world of art came about as a "Stroke of good luck"……I had a stroke in 2001!! As part of the recovery therapy I started to draw, going on to watercolours, acrylics, mixed media and finally digital art. This form of painting using a s...
[Monty Shulberg] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services
Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services - Miriam A. Kilmer photography, F. C. Frieseke, Joyce Kilmer, Shapenotes and more!
[Miriam A. Kilmer] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Original Oil Paintings of Ireland plus s/n lmtd ed. giclees
Beverly Faulkner travels frequently to Éire to glean material for her original paintings of the misty land that has always flavored her life.  Inspired by love of the people, an appreciation of the land, and with a real sensitivity to Ireland's past,...
[Beverly Faulkner] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Christian DANIEL Plastic Arts is a display of the last Christian DANIEL's pictures creation.
[Christian DANIEL] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Art of Rock, Surrealism, & Magic Realism by Bartley Keith
"Rock-n-Roll 1" -16 x 20 inch acrylic painting This is a unique site of original Surrealist Art and Writings, Art of Rock Music and other Positive themes in a style of Magic Realism invented by the artist Bartley Keith
[Bartley Keith] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Aracade - Promenade dans une collection
  Promenade dans une collection d'oeuvres graphiques et de sculptures du 19 ème siècle appartenant à cet art académique tant décrié. La plupart des oeuvres présentées sont inédites sur internet. Citons des artistes comme Rosa Bonheur,William Bouguere...
[Cinarchesi] - [French] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Artiste en arts visuels hlbhlb/
Artiste en arts visuels, je vous invite! Que cette visite soit pour vous un instant de paix.
[Huguette Lagacé Bourbeau] - [French] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Olga Sugden, Figurative and Contemporary Abstract Artist
Permanent online exhibition site of Ukraine-born Olga Sugden , featuring figurative and contemporary abstract artworks.
[Olga Sugden] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

Chicago Figure Sculptor is a website featuring Nancy Pirri - a Chicago Figure Sculptor. The artist pays homage to the classical nude in these stoneware and soda fired ceramic figures including new work inspired by Asian cultures. You can also find her graphic d...
[Nancy Pirri] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

G & L Designs
Hand crafted interior decor for your home or office with a southwestern flair.
[Linda Wehmeyer] - [English] - [Monday 3rd, April 2006]

MARO, Art, Peintures et toiles
MARO est née à PARIS. Elle peint depuis 1983 sous la signature de J.ROBIN et prend le pseudonyme de MARO en 1994. Maro n'a jamais été portée vers le travail dirigé en atelier. De formation autodidacte, sa technique est basée sur un procédé totalement...
[MARO*] - [French] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

H'Art of the Beast
Wildlife oil paintings by artist Sondra Kay Neiman, celebrating the heart and spirit of Earth's animals. Plus Fantasy Art, Illustration, and a Gift Shop.
[Sondra Kay Neiman] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Anastasia Hohriakova Art Gallery: original paintings for sale, portraits pa...
Contemporary Russian artist Anastasia Hohriakova. Hundreds of art originals: oil paintings, graphics, interior murals, frescos, sgraffito, mosaic. Contemporary Russian artist Anastasia Hohriakova. Hundreds of art originals: oil paintings, graphics, i...
[Igor] - [Artist site] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Wim Verhelst peintre de la nature wimverhelst/
Dessins et peintures inspirés de la nature dans toute sa splendeur et sa diversité! Crayons,pastels,crayons de couleurs,gouache,acrylique,aqua relle et parfois un savent mélange de plusieurs techniques sur des supports variés..
[French] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

SCSK Art Gallery ~scsk/
SCSK Art Gallery - Mediterranean sunlit selection of colours, expressive style, cave paintings, grotesque figures with powdered wigs, street and city scenes.. - - online purchasing
[Csilla Krisztina Schneider] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

l'univers sensuel des toiles de Mang
Dans mes œuvres, les pinceaux arrêtent l'image d'un moment indécis, hésitant comme les premières minutes de la découverte. Et exhalent les sentiments nourris de contrastes, de paradoxes. D'émois et du prolongement du doute A chaque détail anodin, des...
[mang] - [French] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

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