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david poxon
Atmospheric and beautifully painted abandoned corners and objects by English artist David Poxon RBSA. Major solo exhibition VICE in Birmingham U.K. May 2006 at the Royal Birmingham Society Gallery.
[david poxon] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Erasmo Amato, Italian contemporary artist present : Watercolor paintings, D...
Erasmo Amato, Italian Contemporay artist, he is born at the coast of Amalfi (Italy). His works are not limited to the traditional Painting but it is a continuos try with modern computer graphics and photographie.His passion for the Drawing and the Ca...
[Erasmo AMATO] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Daniel Holz's Contemporary Art Gallery. New Age in Batik. Handmade Painting...
New Age in Batik (Batic Batique). Unique handmade Paintings on Silk. Work-for-hire commission portraits, clothing, home interior decor and much more. Unique gift ideas! Online shopping, online order. br
[Daisy] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Artekaos Airbrush
Personal website of Italian Painter Alessandro Rinaldi original Art gallery,airbrush artwork gallery by artekaos,step by step,tuning databese,forum,utility and much more.
[Alessandro Rinaldi] - [Italian] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Nature in Fine Art - Larmer Tree Studio Stunning Wildlife Art, Fine Art Prints and Greetings Cards direct from U.K Wildlife Artist Susan Shimeld, Larmer Tree Studio. Realistic Wildlife Paintings, Animals, Birds, Pets, Portraits. Wildlife Art for Nature Conservatio...
[susan shimeld] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Digarti, Digital art website with original and colourful computer generated fantasy and 3d images.
[M.C.van den Berg] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

[WEIL] - [French] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Luis Mejia · Ilustrador y Dibujante ·
Luis Mejia · Illustración and Diseño · Galería de trabajos y blog personal. Publicidad, editorial, storyboard, concpet art, comic.
[Luis Mejia] - [Spanish] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Surrealism the passion of Frits Dang
Surrealism the passion of Frits Dang. Actual, international and magical are just a few words to devine his work.
[Frits Dang] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Pop Art Portraits from Artake Factory Studio
Create priceless pop art pics from your favorite photos. Unique as gifts. Gallery included. New! Print photos onto canvas.
[Ruth Fielding] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Abstract Art Informel by Robert Carbonell
Robert Carbonell , born 1966 Barcelona. Contemporary abstract painting rich in color and texture. Artist exploring oil, acrylic, mixed-media, collage and working gestual painting Mixed - Media year 2005 size 100x81cm
[Robert Carbonell] - [Spanish] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Les peintures d'annick Fournier
Exposition de peintures : aquarelles, pastels, huiles.
[Fournier] - [French] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Monique Ballian dite Noizette, sculpteur en Périgord
Sculpteur animalier (humains compris), peintre et divers, suivant l'humeur, appartenant à l'anti-école de l'art dit "singulier, brut, insolite, hors norme, en marge et outsider". Artiste autodidacte d'origine arménienne, née à Marseille en 1954, Noizette était, dans une vie antérieure, il y a trente millions d'années, agent immobilier en Provence. ...
[ballian monique] - [Art site] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

BJs Creative Wireworks
Unique and original wirecraft jewelry using precious and semi precious gemstones set in sterling silver or gold filled wire to create one of a kind wearable works of art. --
[Jerome Bourcy] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Jewelry Boxes in Exotic Woods
Jewelry boxes in exotic woods and burls hand crafted by award winning Florida artisan Donald R. Boudreau
[Donald R. Boudreau] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

A State of Art Portraits
Custom fine-art graphite, charcoal or watercolor portraits hand drawn from a photo of your friends, family, children or pets. Affordable keepsakes for baby shower, wedding, anniversary or birthday gifts.
[Tracey] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Paper Crafts 101
Paper Crafts 101 is a papercraft site emphasizing rubber stamping. Designed to cover the basics and primarily of interest to either beginners or advanced paper crafters needing a reminder about how simply beautiful paper crafts can be created.
[Kathy Enoch] - [English] - [Sunday 2nd, April 2006]

Mixed Media artwork utilizing natural inspirations and elements
Rick Engdahl Abstract form aretwork with an emphasis on texture and natural elements. Many pieces incorporate recycled or found elements merged with earthen colors to produce a sense of depth and primitive texture. Consolidating the ...
[Rick Engdahl] - [English] - [Saturday 1st, April 2006]

Michael Gutteridge
Distinctive, sensually vibrant paintings of Manchester and Goteborg by British artist Michael Gutteridge. " looking through the face of one of Dali’s melting clocks." Mike Sadler, BBC online.
[Michael Gutteridge] - [English] - [Saturday 1st, April 2006]

Art That Celebrates Life
Title: Art That Celebrates Life Discription: Portrait art, paintings from photos in acrylic or pastel by portrait artist Sue Fletcher. Also landscapes, angels, and other works in acrylic or pastel. URL:
[Sue Fletcher] - [English] - [Saturday 1st, April 2006]

Clifton Sears Sculptures: Portraiture, Wildlife, Figurative, Lobster Fisher...
Clifton Sears Sculptures : Nova Scotia, Canada P ortraiture, Wildlife, Figurative, Lobster Fishermen and abstract works in wood, marble, and stone. Reproductions in cast papaer, concrete, and resin. Professional quality carvings and sculptures since ...
[Clifton Sears] - [English] - [Saturday 1st, April 2006]

Tom Mahan - Sculptor
Working in figurative bronze sculpture, I am challenged by one of nature's most complex and beautiful forms — the human body. These bronze sculptures are produced and sold in limited editions. Sculpting in the Realist style, I give life to my subject...
[Tom Mahan] - [English] - [Friday 31st, March 2006]

mario villaggi
Site de Peinture de Mario Villaggi. Reprenant l'ensemble de mon travail depuis les année 1980 à nos jours. Travail basé sur l'insting créatif et la représentation de la "Tête Humaine" Attiré par l'expressionnisme l'art Brut Spontané Primitif,un trava...
[Mario Villaggi] - [French] - [Friday 31st, March 2006]

Marshall White Fine Art
Art Paintings and Prints by Hawaii Artist Marshall White.
[Marshall White] - [English] - [Friday 31st, March 2006]

Directory of Portrait Artists
. . . . . . .
[Portrait Painters World Wide Portrait Artists Directory] - [English] - [Friday 31st, March 2006]

Melissa K. Shatto members/ world/ mkshatto/
I have spent two decades honing skills, making oil paintings in a classical realist style and completing several commissioned portraits each year. Now I am launching new projects to incorporate life and art, using the internet as a catalyst to collab...
[Melissa Shatto] - [English] - [Friday 31st, March 2006]

The Art Of Charles Griffith
Traditional Realism portrayed in oil and acrylic paintings and drawings, ranging from traditonal subjects to fantasy and Surrealism.
[Charles Griffith] - [English] - [Thursday 30th, March 2006]

Parcours initiatique dans l'histoire de l'ART et Experimentations
[ROBERT LABOR] - [French] - [Thursday 30th, March 2006]

Art from India
Artist from India,come and enjoy
[Dipak Ghosh] - [English] - [Thursday 30th, March 2006]

Patrick Marie French artist painter
Impressionism Art in Normandy Artiste peintre normand Impressionism Art in Normandy Artiste peintre normand
[Patrick Marie] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 30th, March 2006]

Galerie de science fiction & fantasy en ligne de sef
Sef, artiste passionné de fantasy et de science-fiction expose ses oeuvres variées sur son site (illustrations, bds), contactez le si vous avez besoin de ses services.
[sef] - [French] - [Thursday 30th, March 2006]

Artist Brian Simons Gallery Online
Visit the website of Canadian Artist Brian Simons and enjoy his bold, colourful paintings. Brian's work hangs in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, the US and Europe. Dowload his new ACRYLIC PAINTING COURSE EBOOK!
[Brian Simons] - [English] - [Thursday 30th, March 2006]

Webb Garrison Gallery
All of the images that you will see on this site are of watercolor paintings by Webb Garrison (with the exception of the Civil War CD, Civil War prints, and  the Works of William Hogarth).
[Webb Garrison] - [English] - [Thursday 30th, March 2006]

Fantasy - Fine Art Nude Paintings - Drawings
 These nude paintings and charcoal drawings of beautiful women in fantasy nude art and fine art nude themes are originals by figurative artist Nick A. Taylor. Selection of any artwork thumbnail offers a choice of viewing sizes and a commentary on the...
[Nick A. Taylor] - [English] - [Wednesday 29th, March 2006]

Fine Art by Spike Ress
Fine art by Spike Ress. Paintings of the American Southwest, Europe, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and a painting demo.
[Spike Ress] - [English] - [Wednesday 29th, March 2006]

Original art and Limited Edition Prints by Shano of Women and Divas with th...
Original Art by Shano. Acrylic paintings, digital art, and Limited Edition Prints of Women and Divas with their pets and cocktails. Catwomen, Fairies, Angels, Horses, Cats, Dogs, and more!
[Shano] - [English] - [Wednesday 29th, March 2006]

Fine art by Spike Ress
Fine art by Spike Ress, paintings of the American Southwest, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Europe and a painting demo.
[Spike Ress] - [Wednesday 29th, March 2006]

Artiste peintre Jean DURAN
. . . . . . .
[DURAN Jean] - [French] - [Wednesday 29th, March 2006]

Modern Surrealistic Art captn/ terry1.html
This gallery features the surrealistic art of four gifted artists, Terry Rutledge, Donald Sykes, Amy E. Fraser and Scott Castro.
[Willy Chaplin] - [English] - [Wednesday 29th, March 2006]
Website containing the illustraions (color and graphite pencil) of Ian Rees, of Tucson, Arizona. Subjects include European cityscaped, adn portraits of the famous.
[Ian Rees] - [English] - [Wednesday 29th, March 2006]

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