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Freedom Artwork
Limited Edition Art Prints by Sloui for travel enthusiasts featuring fun airlines, countries, cultures and tropical islands.
[sloui] - [English] - [Saturday 5th, November 2005]

Peintures sur Manhattan
[Harry Toque] - [French] - [Friday 4th, November 2005]

Patricia Boneo
Sitio oficial de la pintora y escritora argentina Patricia Boneo. Exhibición de sus pinturas, poemas y cuentos. La mayoria de los cuadros están en venta.
[Patricia Boneo] - [Spanish] - [Friday 4th, November 2005]

La Galerie de Caroline carolinerainette/
Venez vite découvrir mes tableaux à l'huile, acrylique, pastel et aquarelle. Abstraits ou figuratifs, il y en a pour tous les goûts !
[Rainette] - [French] - [Friday 4th, November 2005]

Contemporary Art by Costantino Contini
In the paintings of Contini, the color speaks, weaves a weft of spots and signs that seem to talk between them, to recall themselves, to run after themselves to the infinite. The colour creates the shapes that are not static, but they move with a rhy...
[Costantino Contini] - [English] - [Friday 4th, November 2005]

Kerry Milligan Fine Art and Design
I paint both landscape and botanical themes alternating between abstract and representational images. My work is inspired by nature’s endless arrangements of line, color and form. I enjoy the spontaneity and the expressionistic process involved in cr...
[Kerry Milligan Bendin] - [English] - [Thursday 3rd, November 2005]

Portraiture and Silhouettes from Life or Photo
“Let us capture a perfect likeness for you, through the art of portraiture, caricature, or the silhouette.”
[Ruth Monsell] - [English] - [Wednesday 2nd, November 2005]

ADRIFT Wood Sculpturing and Chainsaw Art, Driftwood Art, Wood Sculpting, Sc... folk/ woodsculptor/
ADRIFT Wood Sculpturing by ChainSaw Charlie (c)Copyright 200 - 2005 C. Cox, original artwork creations. Commission work, free quotes. Original Sculpture, wood sculpting, Mermaids, Dolphin, sea creatures, driftwood tables, furniture, benches, chairs, ...
[Charles Cox - Adrift] - [English] - [Wednesday 2nd, November 2005]

Airbrushed Banners
ACTIONARTBANNERS.COM is the Nations largest supplier of custom airbrushed banners for youth sports. We also airbrush a wide variety of items including, airbushed soccer banners, airbrushed baseballbanners, other airbrushed sports banners, helmets, t-...
[Action Art] - [English] - [Wednesday 2nd, November 2005]

Association de la Galerie-Geste Expositions: peintures,sculptures,photograp...
BUT DE L'ASSOCIATION La GALERIE-GESTE propose aux artistes de présenter leurs travaux. Ces travaux sont soumis à notre attention, à nos conseils. L'exposition est le but premier l'objectif principal est d'encadrer l'artiste dans son évolution associa...
[CHATELOT] - [French] - [Wednesday 2nd, November 2005]

Wedding Unity Candles
Wedding Unity Candles We sell beautifully handcrafted wedding unity candles, unity candle holders and wedding accessories. We also offer Anniversary Candles, Memorial Candles and Christmas Candles. We hand-carve wedding unity candles in your own wedd...
[Katherine Mercer] - [English] - [Wednesday 2nd, November 2005]

PFL Woodworking
Hand Crafted Boxes and more by PFL Woodworking, I will endeavor to build you the exact piece of Hand Crafted Wooden heirloom quality one-of-a-kind Jewelry box, Ornamental Box or piece of Fine Furniture you've always wanted. I can work from drawings, ...
[Peter Lundebjerg] - [English] - [Wednesday 2nd, November 2005]

Site de Bijoujade, illustratrice, photographe à Genève, Suisse. Galeries de plus de 3.00 cartes virtuelles, fonds d'ecran, images artistiques libres de droit. Website of Bijoujade, illustrator, photographer in Geneva, Switzerland. Erotic, mystical ar...
[Bijoujade] - [French] - [Tuesday 1st, November 2005]

Bo Fransson - The Online Gallery
Bo Fransson is a Swedish landscape painter who creates impressionist artworks from his home in Skåne, in Southern Sweden. His paintings are primarily of his home region, an area that is frequented by artists and authors, Sweden's stunningly beautiful...
[Bo Fransson] - [English] - [Tuesday 1st, November 2005]

deviantART: where ART meets application!
An online community for art and skin lovers those who create art and skins and those who adore it. A large collection of Skins, desktop wallpapers .
[Piet] - [English] - [Tuesday 1st, November 2005]

neol billy
The Art Gallery of the Artist Noel Billy
[SURESH] - [Tuesday 1st, November 2005]

master art crime 02655
[stephen mac millan] - [English] - [Tuesday 1st, November 2005]

Contemporary Russian Art
Art Gallery of a contemporary Russian artist Anastasia Hohriakova whose genius stands at the intersection of Realism and Impressionism. Over 300 art originals: genre scenes, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, interior murals, sgraffito and mosaic.
[Igor] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]

Jewellery Hype
We are based in the UK, making unique bead jewellery for men and women in a variety of beautiful materials, such as genuine gemstones, Swarovski crystal, Bohemian and Venetian glass, pearls, bone, wood and silver. Every piece is shown in detail in ou...
[Kerri-Ann Chappell] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]

Alvin Yellowhorse Southwest Creations
WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE. Created solely for showcasing my Southwest Jewelry Creations. Take a moment or two and browse through the gallery of jewelry photos that so many of you have kindly said are some of the most intricate and exquisite handmade Sout...
[Alvin Yellowhorse] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]

Whip: Photographies du Tao. Prendre le chemin et prendre des clichés en chemin.
[Christophe Lenoble] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]

Daniel Paulo - Abstract Figure Painting and Art from the U.K.
It is the image of the human form that we relate to more than any other. It is absolutely of ourselves. I look to reflect this ubiquity, aiming to make a beautiful image that has an inevitability about it, as though it has always existed. There is al...
[Daniel Paulo] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]

Raku Ceramics and Cellular Concrete Sculptures by brazilian artist Elisabet... compras/ ateliervillaroccato
Art to wear and home decor creations by brazilian artist Elisabeth Roccato. Ceramics Costumes Jewelry, Raku Ceramics and Cellular Concrete Sculptures. Raku Mask Raku Mask Cellular Concrete Sculpture
[Elisabeth Roccato Olivero] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]
Dedicated to the sale and promotion of quality original art and photography from emerging artists.
[Bob Nason] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]

ART &.. more
O R I G I N A L A R T for the World Trade Market on .
[Ferri Group ART Companies] - [English] - [Monday 31st, October 2005]

Artwork Dakota
Sylvia Lee Westlie Equestrian Artist, Western and Wildlife Artists, Pets, Fantasy Art, Digital Art ists Artists Prints . ND History, Links to other Websites Poster Art Camouflage Art Offering Prints by :Sylvia Lee, Bev Doolittle, Michael Lonechild, S...
[Sylvia Lee Westlie] - [English] - [Sunday 30th, October 2005]

Ellen de Groot
Ellen de Groot peint dans la tradition classique, l'huile sur panneau. Inspiré par les maîtres Flamands, elle fait des portraits et des Triptyques.
[Ellen de Groot] - [English] - [Sunday 30th, October 2005]

Christophe BOHEME - Artist Photographer
- The initial subject doesn't matter.. As it is very draw from man's ordinary life, from things forgotten, thrown awat. In the mass, frame this small piece of light witch reflects in its interior a whole univers ready to be discovered .. C.BOHEME
[Christophe BOHEME] - [English] - [Sunday 30th, October 2005]

Castelforte, Francesco Di Pastena, painter, new italian artist francesco.dipastena
Francesco Di Pastena, his art is genuinely figurative, drawing inspiration from the great artists of the XIX century. He lives and works in Castelforte, an ancient medieval village on the banks of the river Garigliano. in the sunny Riviera di Ulisse.
[joe] - [English] - [Sunday 30th, October 2005]

Caricatures by Ben Burgraff
Caricatures by Las Vegas artist Ben Burgraff, who specializes in both commission work and parties . With over 40 years experience, he has drawn for politicians, athletes, and the entertainment industry, throughout the United States and the Caribbean,...
[Ben Burgraff] - [English] - [Sunday 30th, October 2005]

Like A Doll Heirloom Teddy Bears
Teddy bears handcrafted from your mink or other fur and fabric heirlooms. We specialize in preserving your keepsake from yesterday for the memories of tomorrow. A variety of options include pandas, bunnies, pillows, and Minky Mouse. Personalization a...
[Kathy Hutcheson] - [English] - [Sunday 30th, October 2005]

Robert Canaga Studio and Art Gallery - Prints and Paintings
Online Studio and Art Gallery featuring contemporary printmaking and paintings - new works and prints by Eugene, Oregon artist Robert Canaga.
[Robert Canaga] - [English] - [Saturday 29th, October 2005]

Wildwood Gallery
for Art Woodturning, Acrylic and Watercolour Paintings of New Zealand scenes, flora and fauna.
[Robbie Graham] - [English] - [Saturday 29th, October 2005]

Earth Images / Fine Art And Stock Photography Of The Natural World index.html
Eight fine art photo galleries. Abstracts, landscapes, flowers and wildlife. Links to the top art sites on the web. Photo tips.
[Wayne Nelson] - [English] - [Saturday 29th, October 2005]

Art by Craig Irvin
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[Craig Irvin] - [English] - [Saturday 29th, October 2005]

Personalized Custom Quilts, Gifts & Home Decor
Personalized, custom and finished handmade quilts, photo memory quilts, baby quilts, lap quilts, quilted wall hangings and handmade throw pillows, personalized gifts, antiques, collectibles, handmade pillows, furniture care and refinishing products. ...
[charlotte] - [English] - [Saturday 29th, October 2005]

Magic of Realism
The magic and the surreal of every day life A wish with peace flowers
[Ernesto Arrisueno] - [English] - [Friday 28th, October 2005]

Realist Oil Paintings by Anthony D'Elia
Realist oil paintings, fine art and classical realism by contemporary realist artist, Anthony D'Elia.
[Anthony D'Elia] - [English] - [Thursday 27th, October 2005]

victoria Denim
Victoria DENIM 3 sites différents à visiter pour découvrir l'évolution du peintre depuis ses plus récentes oeuvres aux plus anciennes. Une évolution du figuratif à l'abstrait et de l'abstrait à l'abstrait-figuratif obtenu à partir du hasard dans l'ap...
[victoria DENIM] - [French] - [Thursday 27th, October 2005]

Black Art and African Masks by Kanika African Sculptures
Black art, African mask, African figurine, black goddess, angel, breast cancer survivor jewelry, pendant, face pin, and pottery hand-sculpted from clay and adorned with African fabric, leather and beads. image: M7_Uzuri_the_B euatifu...
[Kanika] - [English] - [Wednesday 26th, October 2005]

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