About Art


No one is born with brilliant painter skills. Even most famous artists have succeeded skills with brush and done it over years to achieve the success.


So, then, does the white piece of canvas motivate you to create a beautiful painting? If yes, then it is an addictive pastime. Suddenly, the motivation wants to take the shape and expression in many colors.


One needs to know ART first. We all have been having budding artist inside us, waiting to float up and explore, if one has time and capability to nurture it. Art is so easy that it does not need any fixed age, qualification or any extra skill to start with.


One can begin learning art at any point of time. It is striking to know this reality itself. Drawing, doodling, painting, scribbling, sketching, are all forms of art. Some brilliant people take their form of art to another aspect and make unique paintings. From notebooks, scraps, scribbling on walls, all of us have articulated our feelings. Learning about Art is very easy. Developed as a pastime, art can simply become a profession.


What is Art?


Art is the basic form of statement. Just as landscape motivates the dreamy poet to write poetry, just as a musician takes an imagination of natural sound to make music, just as dancer leans to a rhythm or beat, in the same way artist takes his brush to color the barren white canvas to express his feeling. Drawing is more associated with children, since they are still innocent and has no fear how their ‘art work' is judged. Even an adult person can learn about art and draw. It will be quite a beneficial exercise to relax and is an outstanding hobby. It is the form of visual communication. painting can create kindness, disturb the very soul or else bring happiness in everyone's life.



Can A Person Become artist ?


Yes, anybody can become an artist. When one develops intense sense of color, sizes, shapes, and different art forms one might communicate as an artist. All thanks to centuries of the Art Evolution and generation of different artists there are many art forms. Right from the pencil sketches, watercolors, charcoal drawings to oil paints, and acrylics several mediums will help you create artwork. Any subject that delights the eye is just correct for painting. It can be a photograph, landscape, another painting, environment...just anything! This is your possibility to emote, make space in art of world, and bring out true spirit of subject or perhaps just your thought about the subject. Not all work of art is pleasing to the human eye but point is that it talks for itself. It converses with itself.



Expressing Art


Once when the initial fear of making a bad work of art has washed out, communicating art can become an excitement. Start by learning about the art basics. These will give you an idea on how to splash color and get the boost of self-assurance. The simplest way to begin is with watercolors.


1. Local artist's studio is great place to begin, as it will have about all materials needed. Ultimately, you will need to spend in your own inventory and art material. When you will get serious about painting, all the things will fall in place.


2. One must chose a subject that you are inspired to paint. No matter how hard it is to draw. Make certain a teacher is around you to guide you with basic forms and shapes.

3. When you learn, one will not draw pictures but makes ‘shapes' of diverse sizes. With open mind you will learn lots of things. For instance, the sky is not blue sometimes it can be purple, orange, or else grey! Similarly, grass can be red or brown too!


4. As excitement of making a piece of art, when midnight thoughts come jot them down and apply it in your painting the next day. Yes, it does denote that painting cannot be completed in a day. You have to be at it for sometimes to get it correct. Perhaps you might like to work on some other subject simultaneously.


5. Stay focused on the painting, and anytime you think that interest is weakening, leave it for a moment. There is no time limit to complete a painting. It is not nine-to-five job, which requires a time bound outcome.


6. Use your eyes and hands to sketch. Do not go by mental image, which forms in mind. You will not at all get the exact texture or finish. Plan to get something own to highlight the common feeling of the painting.


7. Teacher must be around to aid in areas where you might get stuck.


8. Nothing goes correct first time. You might waste time and a few art materials but like everything else even a painting is learned by trail and error.


9. Enjoy making your masterpiece without any embarrassment of judgment. There is no contest among painters! Each painter is exceptional and each formation is evenly unique. No two paintings are comparable.


10. Never give up if it has not worked out, there are always latest subject to work on.

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