By definition, work of art can be a painting, sculpture, piece of carved furniture, or anything, which is considered as attractive or artistic. In that particular sense, dance, poetry, writings or any other form of appearance lends itself to the artistic symbolism.


The point of an artwork sculpture is to stimulate human thoughts and to touch the hearts of whoever observes it. The value and importance of an artwork, no matter it is traditional Christian work of art or art bamboo work, it depends on how much it influences the viewers. Degree to which persons are moved on seeing such type of artistic creation is a best indicator of the artist's talent. Popular works of art have all attained their reputation and accordingly boosted the reputation of their makers because of their aptitude to stir the feelings of onlookers.


In traditional art, an important feature that one must think while making an artwork is its design. This refers to an inspiration of artist to make that art. Prominent works of art at time from Renaissance period often occupied male form, since this was believed to be parallel to a form of God. Male characters artwork sculpture from the Greek mythology, as well as historical figures were very admired in Europe.


There will be no education artwork related, which will be complete without the study of works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Vinci as is known was born on 15 April in the year 1452 in Italy. On his birth, no one could possibly have imagined that the illegitimate son of peasant woman will go up to such heights as to be summoned for his prowess as mathematician, artist, musician, physicist, architect, engineer, and writer through history.


Leonardo Da Vinci art of work contribute to the growth of a field. A few of his greatest paintings include mystifying Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and Vitruvian man. However these were not his major accomplishments. Leonardo Da Vinci was a man with vision and his graphic drawings integrated plans of creation such as helicopter, the calculator and Leonardo Da Vinci have even foreseen the usage of solar power as our energy resource. Just like with all famous artists and artworks, Da Vinci (and his formations) was often a center of debate. The current publication by Dan Brown's ‘The Da Vinci code' again reopened old age saga of controversy, which has surrounded many Da Vinci's work.


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