A ‘print' refers to the creation of painting and work of art.  A photomechanical process creates such types of prints, and although they might vary in from of the size in comparison to an original one, the print quality is generally with the same level as the inventive color and grandeur of art.


The end product that is created is much more definite than the poster. Using print stock, which is better than the print stock used for the posters, creates fine art prints. The benefit of having this print is that it is long-lasting, high-quality and economical version of an original artwork. The antique art prints and vintage art prints are very valuable and must, ideally, be treated with the concern and caution to keep them from getting dull.


Art prints are also a very pleasant way to beautify a room. They put in all the color and care to a room that you want, and as such are important decorative elements, whereas at the same time they are generally affordable and will not increase your decoration cost too much. Like any other section of the art, an art prints reveals the personality of its possessor and general mindset of the family unit that lives in the house.


Hence, it is of the highest importance to strongly think about what type of art prints you would like to have. The country art prints will have the country themes, they may represent a house enclosed by acres of vacant land or may have "farm scene" or picture of horses and bears. These are ordinary prints and are generally found at coffee shops or in the hotel rooms. Though they add the mood and color to the room they are not deep or thought inciting.


The folk-art prints differs from culture to culture, where American folk art print may have scenes from the Amish culture for instance, Chinese folk art print may have paintings of Chinese farming and agriculture. Carefully selected art print reveals the taste and style of family that occupies in the house. Art prints that are made in different art styles like the Asian, the American masters, the ex-pressionism, the art deco, the gothic art, the modern renaissance art, folk art, and the vintage are ideal to match one's room decoration. Besides decorating the rooms, art prints are good gifting choice. For instance, bird art prints are perfect gifts for natural bird lovers.


Art deco prints are very popular in Western art prints. What we exactly know as art deco was launched in the year of 1966, after presentation, which was held at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in the beautiful city of Paris. Art Déco refers to an applied art. It is a new concept of using creative skills to make beautiful designs for the vehicle, refrigerators and some other machines or furniture. The art deco prints do unsurprisingly represent such structures.


The Architecture and the design are two major themes of the art deco prints that may feature wide selection of central objects such as buildings, cars or dressing tables. Reasonable fine art Giclee prints make the practice of printmaking easier and economical making them more accessible to the common man.


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