By definition, poster art is a big section of the printed-paper. This can either be put up on the wall or can dangle down from ceiling of the wall or can be placed on a board. Poster art makes use of both the text and the graphics. The Posters that use only one of the two as the text are also not unusual. Posters that use only text were common in the age of monarchy since these were been used to make noble announcements.


There are several reasons to make posters art. Art poster might be printed reproduction of a renowned work of art. Such posters can also be the vintage posters and such posters, like would be very expensive. Vintage poster art print might be an advertisement of old product. For example, such poster can include a specific advertisement campaign launched by Soda Company. Art education poster on other hand is about a particular intellectual or educational issue. Such type of posters has practical value rather than artistic value and of course command an inferior price. In fact, majority posters have practical value unless in demand by collector or somebody who likes keeping stock of poster art.


As far as the size is concern, most popular poster size is about two feet by three feet. But some posters can be larger as in the type of posters, which are used on billboards. Smaller posters are as well a popular form of ad but these are recognized as flyers rather than the posters.


It was a main growth in the art poster printing methods and creation of lithography and the chromolithography printing practices that provoked the production of inexpensive posters.  These types of techniques grew very popular in the nineteenth century Europe and several famous artists produced posters at that period of time. Jules Cheret, most respected artists of that time was identified for making art posters for different functions and events.


Gradually, in due course, demand for these posters grew to such extent that industry of poster making fascinated several artists and painters who are in search of more profitable work. Posters then became common sight in Paris. Every artist would have special style and ultimately theater personalities and few other clients started selecting artistic poster styles according to the taste and therefore offered their business to choose artists. In that period in Europe, posters shortly became equated with the graphic art. But, poster art did not observe the similar fate in United States of America. There, posters were viewed mainly as a way of advertisement. European art posters of that great period are now in demand and get huge sums in the collectors' market.


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