In the paintings of Contini, the color speaks, weaves a weft of spots and signs that seem to talk between them, to recall themselves, to run after themselves to the infinite. The colour creates the shapes that are not static, but they move with a rhythm nearly musical given by the movements of the artist. In perfect harmony and equilibrium, they are distributed on the canvas, in little fast and instinctive gestures, but they enclose, at the beginning, a thought, an idea, that the artist knows how to materialize. It’s amazing how a mix apparently casual of colours, can provoke in the observer feelings, emotions, memories. And it is just what Contini decides to show to us in its artworks, not the visual description of a landscape, a figure, a face, but an inner motion, an intuition, all that that often are not looked at with the eyes, but is. It doses wisely, like an alchemist, the tones, the shadings, the mixtures, and he does it, with the spontaneity and the freshness of the improvisation. Contini has explored techniques and styles, and to each one, he knows how to impose its personality, its particularity, but it is in the paintings more informal and with his special gestures that it happens to be involved and to emotion the observer, in them we can read its gesture, the not easy colouristic sensibility, the force and the sweetness together. To the contrary of the realistic representation, which does not leave us, sometimes, dared to the free interpretation, its works enter in contact with our depth, without to pass from the reason, succeed in straight to touch the ropes of the unconscious one. In the moment of the creation the gesture of the artist is made fast or slow, the brush movements are gotten thicker more driven in or form large spots, but not there is never stasis, perceives a continuous movement, a become, the fluidity of the time that slides, the creative motion that is transposed from the inside to the outside. In the works of Contini, we read the past, the present and the future, what we are and that we would want to be, colours like notes or words or gestures, in order to narrate an emotion.

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