Sails of Venice

Studio A offers original fine art in traditional mosaics (Venetian Glass Tesserae), sculptural mosaics in mixed mediae (stone, wood), the futuristic media of Acrylic on Acrylic, Historic Berlin Wall Art and Free Form from nature's own creations. This fine original artwork was created by a world renowned international artist.

A retrospective journey shows us from the ancient Byzantine early Christian Mosaic a colorful fine art in this field Italian samlti have the finest selection of colors with many beautiful tints and half-tones in tesserae for a great mosaic to create. Of course today’s mosaic can be abstract, figurative or merely patterns which can be used for outdoor projects, also ceramic tiles being used in mosaics for kitchen, bath, patios. A decorator panel indoors or outdoors in mosaic can make a beautiful accent.

Acrylic on acrylic a futuristic media of modernism with this in mind it gives us a new perspective in the field of art with a variety of uses, because of it’s durability it was interviewed by NASA for future space settlements. It is a great media of 3 components, an acrylic panel, paint and sealer. This new art form has great durability in hot, cold or humid climates and the colors will not fade. A great aspect in today’s fine art and decorator use for kitchen, bathroom, pool area, etc.

This series of contemporary art pieces capture the historic event of time and history. Uniting a divided city was a great accomplishment between two great world leaders, President Ronald Reagan and President Mikhail Gorbachev. The "Fall of the Wall" series is not just a creation of art, this is art from history. Each piece of artwork was created with actual pieces of the Berlin Wall and has a certificate of authenticity, a treasure for museums, collectors or individuals to own.

Exclusive source for this incredible new art style. A must for collectors and enthusiasts. There are many great artists out there, but mother nature tops them all. "Free form from Nature" a masterpiece of originality cannot be duplicated. A rare find created by Nature over a century ago with amazing sculptural effects. Each piece is unique and a rare offering in the "Free Form from Nature"

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