My entry into the world of art came about as a "Stroke of good luck"………I had a stroke in 2001!!

As part of the recovery therapy I started to draw, going on to watercolours, acrylics, mixed media and finally digital art.

This form of painting using a screen as a canvas, a mouse (or graphics pad) as a brush and software to produce an infinitely variable colour palette, enables me to bring my imagination to life.

It is similar to music, where one can create harmonies or discords depending on what's going on at the time.

I often feel like an astronaut standing on the brink of space poised to visit and explore my innermost thoughts!

I am still finding my way, as evidenced in my portfolio, but I don't think that one is ever really satisfied with one's current work, but…….there is always the "next one" to look forward to!

Importantly, I am enjoying what I do and I hope that others will find my work enjoyable too.




Orchid Montii

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