Beautiful sacred geometry and glowing color awaits your eyes at LightWeaving, a Gallery of the Art of Vandorn Hinnant.  The term Sacred Geometry is suggestive of our understanding that the universe is divinely ordered. This is to say that consciousness is at the center of the manifested world in which we have our being. We see evidence of this divine ordering at every level of observation and experience: The sub-atomic, atomic and molecular (elements and minerals), cellular and organic (plant and animal kingdoms), planetary (including solar systems), and galactic, etc...

Humans, being a facet of nature, are predisposed to creating patterns of beauty. These expressions are a reflection of an inner, divine order, perceived by a faculty known as the inner eye (the mind's eye) or sometimes referred to as "the eye of the soul".





"In beauty, there is truth. In truth, The Divine is realized/revealed."

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