The Dip Sealed With A KissWelcome to the Jenne Glover From the Heart Art Gallery. Art is a source of peace for me. Finding quiet time to center myself on my work, restores my spirit and energy. Absorbing and connecting to my creator and my creativity is fulfilling in the purest sense.

Color, composition and balance are fundamental in my approach to constructing a design. Sometimes I get it right the first time, but if not, I work out of and on top of the work in progress until I get itright.

I love painting people…children, athletes, lovers, musicians, women, hats and hands. It's soothing, challenging, energizing and the one thing I truly have control over. No compromising or consensus, it's all aboutwhat I want to express, what I want to visually create…it's my fantasy, my reality.

When I am creating it is a time when I may be open to the moment and paint outside the lines. Essentially self taught, my art is in many ways very connected to the child within me…figurative, expressive, fluid, colorful and composed from the heart. I want my art to be visually pleasing, to stir feelings in the viewer'smind.

I believe that art should add energy to a space. Hope you enjoy what you see.

Jeannette Glover

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