I have one of my paintings YO YO DOLL

It was a doll my mother made for my daughter I love it so.I drew it and mom and I covered the matt in material that matched Connie's quilt and she also made a material cover for the frame I think this would be a market able item.


To offer an original work of art framed and matted in matching fabric to a quilt design uses a photo of the person's favorite / treasured object possibly even inserting a photo of the baby in the picture within the picture. What do you think? 

I would be interested in aligning with an established quilters store.


Other painting are available on my website http://www.drawn2artgallery.com I have a full gallery here on http://www.artcad.com.

It is not just my skills you are looking for it is my personality, inside me there is a dynamic creative spirit that explodes with inventive ideas.  I am a self starter that needs little supervision. I am an overachiever.  I will research, I will leave no stone unturned to meet the desired results, and I am dependable. I will meet the deadlines.  Also there is an advantage to that my family is grown, I’ll have few personal time restraints. And I promise not to get pregnant.  Furthermore I can juggle several projects at the same time, and I value others peoples input.            


I never stopped using my talent I have applied art to every facet of my life and every position I have held.  (Example; in the 80’sI developed deco on my own time for the hotel to add flavor to the banquet themes and received multiple awards)


I do fine art for pleasure, I paint. Both watercolor and acrylics also I enjoy drawing with colored pencils. Over the years I have steadily sold many of my paintings and sculptures.


Versatility + My art never fit into one style or medium or even subjects. I explore a full spectrum of works. Thus the work adapts both to the needs of the client to their needs. I have done still lives, Floral, Landscapes, American Indian, Oriental, New Age, Fantasy, and many other subjects. I have created Deco painted furniture. Crafted Christmas cards and various other projects even pin striping demolition derby car.


Formal Education  I excelled in art subjects at  Lincoln land Community College  I was describe by the head of the Art department  as in the top ten art students ever at the college and landed a artist position with in the college. I held this for three years in Student Activities Office. I was chosen to be in Who who' in American Jr Colleges two consecutive years.     At University of Illinois at Springfield continuing to study Art.








All Art On Line .com


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