born on 9 june 1966 in Güssing/Austria - childhood and the youth years in the parents' house in Harmisch/Austria - after some years in Vienna/Austria i live now with my family in Traiskirchen/Austria

start painting with 16 - portraits and landscapes with pencil and water colors - many oil pictures for churches in Austria - since 2004 preference for acryl colors, whose strong luminosity fascinated me immediately - After intensive occupation with chromatics I am inspired by the influence possibilities, which one can take by correct color choice. I developed a preference for red and yellow, because there is very dynamic colors, which obtain warmth, security and light, but can represent passion, impulsivity and erotism in certain mixing ratios also. Gladly use I in addition, blue and green as compensatory colors, in order to produce peace and harmony. - The painting is to be forgotten for me a kind of the relaxation, which makes it for me possible to switch off with appropriate music totally the everyday life stress and be immersed into its own world of the Fantasie and feeling world.


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