Direct Art Australia's easy to use online gallery can assist you in finding a solution to your artwork ideas. Browse hundreds of online artworks in the Direct Gallery; relax as you compare different art against the colour of your own wall with our new 'Wall Colour Selector'.

All our art is hand-painted on canvas. See the thick brushstrokes and feel the wonderful energy an oil painting provides.

New Art, Famous Art Reproductions and Portraits from Photographs. Oil Paintings on Canvas for Home or Office. Deliver Australia Wide - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart.

We have three separate specialties for you to browse.

Mixed New Art:

Huge range of oil painting styles and sizes including modern, classic, contemporary, abstract and impressionism.

Famous Art Reproductions:

Want your own Mona Lisa or Van Gogh, painted to a museum quality at an affordable price? We can reproduce your favourite artwork to any size. Homes, offices and hotels.

Portraits from Photograph:

Beautiful hand painted oil painting portraits on canvas. Family portraits, weddings and pet portraits at affordable prices. You work with the artists and only pay for the artwork once we have sent you a photo of the finished portrait - any changes are welcome and included free.

Please feel free to browse the gallery..

Renaissance, Baroque Neoclassical Romanticism
Realism Impressionism Post-Impressionism Contemporary Art
Art Deco
Western Landscapes
Salvador Dali Claude Monet Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt Pierre Auguste Renoir Fernando Botero
Alma-Tadema William Bouguereau J.M.W. Turner
Alfred Sisley Georgia O'Keeffe Mary Cassatt
Pablo Picasso Van Gogh Canaletto / Venice Johannes (Jan) Vermeer
Edouard Manet Art Deco Impressionism Still-Life
Pablo Picasso Van Gogh Claude Monet
Renoir Paul Cézanne
Baroque Contemporary Post Impressionism Canaletto / Venice
Kahlo Frida Leonardo Da Vinci Rembrandt van Rijn Toulouse-Lautrec

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