Mad-Jarova started painting when she was only four and, henceforth, dedicated her life to painting and sculpture. Today she is rewarded of a well-deserved reputation after 80 personal exhibitions throughout the world, among which are : Marcel BERNHEIM Gallery, WEIL Gallery, the GUIMET Museum Gallery, the SEVRES Museum Gallery, Alma-Georges V Gallery, AMBOISE castle, the BREAKERS PALMBEACH Florida, the PALLFY Palace WIEN Austria, ENFAC in TURIN, International Forum Gallery in Rome, KUNSTHUIS VAN HET OOSTEN in ENSCHEDE Holland, the French Gallery in Boston, USA.Visionary artist, Mad-Jarova’s art, following the old Masters art, is of an exceptional originality. Painting, sculpture, architecture, writing, decoration etc.She received several rewards and distinctions. Academic awards from the Academia Internazionale Greci Marino and the Academia del Verlano Crities award in 1971. European main award in 1975, French merit and volunteering Gold Medal, HONORIS CAUSA DOCTOR of the French Cultural Academy, Public Encouragement special distinction, Fine Arts Gold Palette from the International Trade Federation, FRENCH HUMANITARIAN AWARD etc.Of a visionary realism, her works belong to the French and foreign cultural inheritance, involved in the new trend of Inner Space Reality.Her works are recorded in specialized directories : BENEZIT, MEYER, AKOUN, SERMADIRAS, EMER GUIDE , WHO’S WHO INTERNATIONAL etc.Mad-Jarova achieved monumental works of huge dimension, in painting and sculpture fields. Some of them are located in public places.Her 8000 euros quotation is valued in DROUOT.Mad-Jarova’s animal paintings are unique thanks to their brightness revealed. Animals and men are linked through love.Through reality, she achieves Totality, crystallizing values in lively shapes. This procedure is implied in the evolution of a new spirituality and in the modern trend of science. It testifies of an intuition on global phenomena.The New Spirituality is a natural reaction against the 20th century one-sided materialism. During the 3rd Millennium, a harmony will appear between the two tendencies.Her technique is based on the knowledge of art, the one of the classical old Masters.Visionary, Mad-Jarova’s figures spring out of her visions, but they seem real thanks to the realism of their anatomy.Being a visionary since she was a child, she thinks quite natural to work without a model, a photo or first sketch.Without any artificial technique, her oil paintings on canvas are realized with a paint-brush. The realism of the shapes is what justifies the quality of her visions which spread out of the limits of the pictures and become universal.The visionary realism of the naked (men, women, children), of the pets and wild animals, is striking. What is charming about them, is their imaginary attitudes.

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