Steel Hands 


Fine Art Photography, Black and White Documentary Photography, Contemporary Photography, Fine Art Paintings and Collage.

Artist's Gallery - Contemporary Art Practice by Artist, Andrew Johnson.

Fine Art Photography Galleries - Fine Art Photographs and Prints for Sale

Artist's portfolio of photography work spanning different genres of photography: fine art photography and documentary photography, through to candid street photography, landscape photography and the moving image.

Photography galleries exhibiting new photography work and collections of photographs from past exhibitions.

Documentary Photography, documentary photographs about the decline in the South Wales Mining Industry. A large collection of photographs of Taff Merthyr Colliery. Medium Format and 35mm, black and white photographs.

Fine Art Photography - compositions of photographs of an artist's travels in Central America; photographs range from candid street photography - photojournalism type images, to artistic, photographic diptych's. 35mm, widescreen, colour photographs.

Landscape Photography, black and white, medium format landscape photographs.

Documentary-based and landscape-based articulations of empathy, together with more freely exploratory constructions of photographs. The artist offers a reflection on his personal philosophy of photography.

Open and limited edition, fine art photographs and prints wil soon be available to purchase/buy on the website.


Video Art, Fine Art Painting and Collage galleries are also viewable on the artist's website. 


Artist's Statement

Making art is a way of life that offers profound insight, balance and meaning. Art is challenging and engaging. It's an intimate expression of the human condition that acts as a portal into the minutiae of life's mechanics: visual, emotional, cerebral and spiritual experiences that fill our lives with meaning. Important points of embarkation, discovery, understanding and learning.

Art takes us on a journey of personal learning and facilitates an intimate process of communication with self and the world we build around us. Art fabricates the creative story of my life and is something that becomes personal myth, bringing ephemeral moments of private meaning into being. Art in people's consciousness is all things to all people and is a profound reflection of man's relationship with life and human expression.


Fine Art Photography, Documentary Photography, Candid Street Photography, Video Art, Fine Art Painting and Collage - Artist's Website Gallery

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