Born in New York in 1945, Nancy Jolly grew up in California and studied art at UCLA. She loved to paint animals and wildlife, particularly horses. In her extensive career, Nancy Jolly has sold over 2,000 paintings. Her technique ranges from mixed media to oils to constructs and often employs a sense of whimsy. She also had a huge impact on cowboys and their appearance inside the arena. Thanks to her background as an accomplished artist, she helped make the sport of rodeo a little more colorful in the late 1960s and 1970s. She estimates she made at least 400 pairs of leggings for some of the top cowboys in the IPRA. Jolly's brand of leggings were different and very popular because they were colorful and very detailed. Every pair of chaps was made to each cowboy's own specifications and no two were exactly alike. "I've always been a painter," said Jolly, an artist with 30 years+ of experience who has traveled worldwide to places like France and India showing off her paintings. Nancy Jolly now resides in Connecticut.

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