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Even the most successful artists have limits when it comes to reaching a wide audience through gallery shows. Galleries exist as little worlds of their own which attract a certain type of people, typically those who are educated in the arts or of a higher social class. While gallery exhibitions are important for building up a reputation and making sales, relying solely on gallery shows can be very limiting to emerging artists. Too often, artists leave their works in storage where no one can see them while they apply for another show or deal with another rejection letter.

In the past decade,
emerging artists have really begun to branch out of the traditional gallery setting for displaying their art. Instead, they have sought out alternatives exhibition venues. Often, an exhibition venue is as close as the nearest public place to view a plasma screen. Yes, hotel lobbies and bars are some of the best places to show your art.

Exhibiting in hotels on plasma screens has a lot of advantages that galleries do not. Foremost, a hotel attracts a much more diverse range of clientele than a gallery. In a single good hotel, you will find a cross-section of businesspeople,travellers, wealthy retirees, etc. and a range of ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. Rarely will an art gallery attract all these people. Further, even the people who do like to attend gallery shows cannot always do so. Galleries keep odd hours which are not agreeable to some. With a hotel, there is a much higher likelihood that interested parties will have the opportunity to see your artwork

Hotel art exhibits are a symbiotic relationship between the hotel owner and artist. The artist gets exposure and a chance to sell his/her work. The hotel owner gets interesting new work to put in the lobby and/or bar and also builds up a reputation for supporting the arts scene. Hotels will take a percentage of any sales that occur through the exhibition. However, artists are in a much better place to bargain about what this commission percentage will be – something which is not always possible with galleries.

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