Ukrainian Painter Masters the Art of Optical Illusion: Two Paintings in One
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Ukrainian Painter Masters the Art of Optical Illusion: Two Paintings in One

Optical illusion is one of the most fascinating art styles. It gives you an opportunity to see in a painting what your imagination what to.

It is not a painting of an *one look* they deserve to be carefully observed only this way is possible to understand a mystery of a painting.

A big gift is to combine in one painting several ideas.

We’ve all seen the classic young lady or old hag optical illusion, but these oil paintings by Oleg Shuplyak are on a whole other level. 

Famous faces emerge from seemingly normal landscape backgrounds, leaving viewers double taking each piece to fully understand the different perspectives.

In some instances the faces are what the eye recognizes first and stepping back, the smaller details that make up the face can be appreciated.

Other times the eye is drawn to the landscape and finding the face is more of a challenge.

Shuplyak, who was born in the Ukraine on September 23, 1967, studied architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute,

although painting was always his passion. His background in architecture helped him create the captivating illusions he is now famous for.

Challenge yourself to see how many faces can you recognize then check out more of his work in Optical Spy’s gallery.

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