Try not to laugh! 21st technology onto famous masterpieces!
[Marina - ArtsCad Manager] - [Art News] - [Thursday 3rd, April 2014]

Hundred years ago, people even did not expect to have such an essential today deviсe like iphone or iPad,or any other deviсe which now is considered to be integral to every modern person.It is ridiculous, but we feel some discomfort when forget our i-friend at home and how upset we are when it breaks? Now we think more about the last version of  iphone than about people, we forgot how it was long time ago, when people write long love letters and how passionately they were looking forward to the reply, but not up – to date sms – texts, which are completely unfeeling and senseless.

With a hint of irony so necessary modern devices were implement into world famous oil paintings of all the times. The greatest artistes created such masterpieces hundreds years ago, but now we can see the updated versions, as if they were painted today!  Only have a look sure you will like and perhaps, recognize yourself or your friends on the artwork painted a long time past before your birth.

Do not lose your change to see originals of those masterpieces on! Follow the link and enjoy the real Art!






‘The card players’ by Paul Cézanne, 1894–95





‘Girl with a pearl earring and an iPhone’ after ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ by Johannes Vermeer, 1665




‘When you see the amazing sight’ after ‘Wanderer above the sea of fog’ by caspar David Friedrich, 1818







‘Sunday afternoon’ after ‘a Sunday afternoon on the island of la grande’ by Jattegeorges-Pierre Seurat, 1884–1886






His room’ after ‘The bedroom’ by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888,-The






‘Luncheon’ after ‘The luncheon on the grass’ by Edouard Manet, 1862–1863






‘News of kidnapping on facebook’ after ‘Over the town’ by Marc Chagall, 1917-18






‘Her mirror’ after ‘Rokeby venus’ by Diego Velázquez, 1647–51






‘Always in my hand’ after ‘In the conservatory’ by Edouard Manet, 1878-9






'A family gathering’ after ‘The balcony’ by Edouard Manet, 1868




In a cafe’ after ‘L’absinthe‘ by Edgar Degas, 1876






‘Music for dreaming’ after ‘The dream’ by Pablo Picasso, 1932





‘The scream’ by Edvard Munch, 1893





‘Multi-touch zoom’ after ‘The ancient of days’ by William Blake, 1794




‘Don’t take the iPad in the bathroom’ after ‘The death of marat’ by Jacques-Louis David, 1793






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