Ikeda Manabu is a famous Japanese artist
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Art is a result of artist’s imagination. Today artworks astonish people not only with completely new style

 and bright colors but also with size and sense.


Ikeda Manabu is a famous Japanese artist who achieved success in pen – ink on paper painting.

 His artworks are a real wonder. It is an enormous painting, which contains thousands of details.

 I think that it is quite possible to compare his artworks with a history book.

 One perfect example is an artwork *History of Rise and Fall*.

Ikade Manabu masterly shows all the most important and remarkable historical events of Japan.

Every detail and every part of the artwork are a chapter from the whole story.

The Artist skillfully plays with the colors.

 He describes in bright and tender colors the most celebratory events in the country’s arta

and on the contrary – gray and pale ink were used to show a grief of Japan.

Each painting takes two years and eight hours a day to complete it. It not a wonder,

 because Ikade Manabu builds the images in blocks, usually one four – inch block a day.

The most interesting fact that artist does not know how his masterpiece will look like in the end.

 It proves that art is unpredictable. Continue search of unbelievable Art, inspire from Art and make a wonder to your life.  

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