Emerich Meerson, a French painter born in Germany, spent his childhood in Bulgaria during the Second World War. He lives and works in Paris.

It's hard to classify Emerich Meerson in a particular school or trend, because of his abundant creativity and his constant pursuit of plastic expression.  
His Individuality is strong and recognizable in all his work, which is, first and always, full of emotion. To look at one of his drawings, one of his paintings, one of his sculptures, always inspires questions, feelings, and reflection. Emerich Meerson's work is never demonstrative; it's evocative. That's because the artist inspired by childhood, the family, love, faith always looks for the truth hidden behind the visible world. Sometimes profusely, sometimes sparsely, he transmutes the vibrations of the material, the coexistence of order and disorder, the movement toward becoming rather than an image stuck in the present.

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