Review of Provestra Women Libido Enhancer Review

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When my husband and I started dating, we expected to have a passionate sex life. We are a health and fitness loving couple, and we always watch our diet. Therefore, we expected to have no problems with our sex life.

I, in particular, expected a relationship full of intense desire and pleasure. For him, the idea of exquisite sensations and orgasms was taking hold of his head. However, all these expectations began to fade when I began to experience low libido problems immediately after our marriage. It became serious after the birth of our first child because our exercise routines were affected. I had difficulty achieving total body arousal, including virginal lubrication. Seeing that this posed a serious threat to our happy relationship, we decided to seek help, and that’s how we ended up with Provestra.

What is Provestra?

Before buying this product, we looked for all the information we could find about its composition and use. Our main goal was to find out how it can correct the chemical imbalances that lead to poor sexual performance, especially when exercise and nutrition cannot help. From the information we gathered, it is a supplement that is designed to increase sexual desire in women. It is a mixture of aphrodisiacs, herbs and other nutrients. From this description, my husband and I were convinced that it was exactly what we needed.

Provestra is a 100% Safe, Doctor-Endorsed Daily Supplement Designed to Dramatically Increase a Woman’s Desire for Sex

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Using Provestra

We also want to know if there are specific categories of women who can use this product. About this, we were told that it is useful for women who are recovering from the effects of pregnancy and those who are nearing menopause. It is a well known fact that modern lifestyles have caused women to start experiencing problems with their sex drive as early as their thirties. In this sense, we have discovered that any woman who wishes to increase her sex drive can use the product. Her age, body size, medical history or social background do not matter much. It can also be used by people who are exposed to too much synthetic estrogen and those who suffer from the effects of poor diets and inactivity.

The benefits of Provestra

When we start using the daily supplement according to the manufacturers’ instructions, the first benefit we notice is that it promotes the body’s relaxation. The mixture of nutrients combines with the body’s natural mechanism to create a balance in hormones. The result is that you will gradually begin to experience increased sexual desire and satisfaction every time you make love. In our situation, we also notice that this is an easy approach because you don’t have to go through too many complicated procedures. Being a health and nutrition-conscious couple, we also liked the fact that this product is made from natural supplements. This assured us that at the very least, it is a safe option.

The effects of Provestra

Although there is a promise of good results, the use of Provestra did not come without its own share of setbacks. We began to have problems when we realized that it takes too long to achieve the desired results. We even contemplated trying something else because the manufacturers insisted that it would have to take some time to correct the body’s chemical imbalance and recover our sex drive.

Should you buy Provestra?

As to whether you should buy Provestra, our honest opinion is that there are better ways to solve this problem. It is true that this product is safe and effective, but the fact that you want a faster solution means that you should look a little harder. Imagine what would happen if you are on the verge of breaking up with your partner due to sexual frustration, but the product you are using seems to take forever to produce the desired results.


In summary, low libido problems, including an ever-dry vagina, require an appropriate approach to solve. In our case, we were glad to have found Provestra, but quickly learned that we cannot do without our usual exercises and nutrition. So, whether you decide to buy this supplement or not, make sure you set aside enough time to exercise, and always look at what’s on your plate. Translated with (free version)